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Debra has always loved photography and about 18 years ago she decided to pursue it professionally.

She enjoys capturing everything from landscapes, corporate events to family portraits, but her passion is weddings.

She offers photography and videography services to capture all of the sights and sounds of any special event.

Wedding Photography and Videography on the Florida Panhandle and South Alabama.

Over the last 25 years, Debra has worn many hats in the hospitality and special event industry

including tourism, catering and entertainment, and weddings.

A romantic at heart, she enjoys being a part of a wedding celebration 

and the energy and happiness of a couple's special day.

Destination Wedding Photography and Videography at your best!

Another hat Debra wears, is being a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reflexologist.

Offering Therapeutic Reflexology treatment in Baldwin County and Escambia County Areas.


Along with her beliefs of living a wholistic lifestyle, she also promotes living that lifestyle thru Young Living Essential Oils. To learn more about essential oils and how you too can be as healthy as you can be, contact Debra for more information.

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